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Are you considering a new driveway?

If so, then you’re probably torn between stamped concrete vs. Venice pavers.

There are a lot of reasons to go with the latter.

Still, if you’re on the fence lend us your time for a bit and we’ll explain why pavers win out every time.

The Aesthetic: A Clear Win for Venice Pavers

While stamped concrete can offer a similar look to pavers, it’s never going to quite match up to the beauty of natural stone.

In addition, stamped concrete’s final look will depend largely upon how familiar the contractor is with using dyes to enhance the final effect.

Pavers have a rustic look that really can’t be beaten. They’ve been used all over the world for a large chunk of human history and they look great.

To the casual glance, you may get a similar effect, but upon close inspection, pavers will win out every time.


While many people think of concrete as extremely durable, the truth is that it simply doesn’t last as long as real stone.

Virtually all modern concrete is reinforced with steel support. Rebar is fantastic for creating strong structures, but it rusts over time which dramatically reduces its lifespan.

On the other hand, there are roads created with pavers in Europe that are older than any structure in the United States and still going strong.

The difference in durability is just another reason to choose pavers over something cheaper.

Time for Laying Venice Pavers vs. Concrete

The amount of time taken when laying down concrete is indeed less.

When you discount the fact that it can take a long time for concrete to dry and then set properly.

Pavers, on the other hand, are good to go as soon as everything is laid down.

Stamped Concrete vs. Venice Pavers In Cost

Stamped concrete generally comes out cheaper in installation costs, but there’s an advantage to pavers here as well.

Concrete wins out at installation. That’s clear to most people, although stamped concrete can get a bit more expensive depending on the pattern and dyes required for your tastes.

The problem is that concrete is much more likely to require expensive maintenance as time goes on. Patching holes, resealing the surface, and the damage which can come from seismic events are all possibilities in the future of concrete.

On the other hand, pavers only require that they’re cleaned and the occasional resealing in order to maintain tip-top shape.

The long term costs of concrete put pavers in the lead once more.

Venice Pavers, the Better All-Around Choice

When it comes down to a direct comparison of stamped concrete vs. Venice pavers it’s clear that Venice pavers win out every time. In virtually every aspect but the initial cost of installation they’re a superior choice.

If you’re looking to make sure that you have a durable and beautiful surface in your yard then the time to act is now.

Contact us and let’s see what we can do for your yard.

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