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Pavers make for a great construction project full of creativity and fun. Finding that perfect design for your brand new patio can be a joy!

Not sure what your patio should be? Still need to find some perfect paver patio ideas? No worries, we are here to help.

We can help you understand what great things you can do with pavers and some fantastic ideas for your new patio.

The Variety of Paver Patio Ideas

Pavers patios are stone bricks laid out into a pattern. These can make patios, driveways, and even pool decks. What they look like is up to your imagination.

You can use all sorts of brickwork for paver patios, from flagstone to cobblestones. The patterns are anything you can imagine.

Pavers are also durable, with their initial expense covering for a lifetime of low maintenance and quality beauty.

1. Zen Garden Spirals

Zen gardens are a popular backyard addition. The variety of plants and the quiet nature of the project are great for quiet afternoons.

For this, your pavers can go in a large variety of patterns to help add to the zen feel. Spirals are a popular pattern, as well as winding paths around the garden.

Use your imagination with this setup and find a pleasing pattern that suits your idea of zen.

2. Rugged Natural Rock

A more natural stone, mixed with some sand gap filling, can give a great beach shore effect. If you love the beautiful rocky outcroppings overlooking a long shoreline, this can make you feel right at home.

Rough, natural-looking pavers give a distinct look, with their random patterns and sizes. The delightful chaos of this natural facing can make your patio distinct.

3. Moss Surroundings

Moss is a great plant. It can be a soft and interest texture to walk on, gives off a great amount of oxygen, and has a vibrant color to accent your patio.

Growing a bit of moss in between your paver stones can make your patio feel in touch with nature. Stepping stones surrounded by a sea of green moss gives a fantastical feel to walking through your own back yard.

4. Wood and Stone Inlays

Using stone is the traditional way to do pavers, but integrating other materials is not out of the question. A mix of stone and wood can provide a great contrast in both color and style.

Wood strips can help frame unique stone patterns. Stone steps and platforms can help cut paths in a wooden patio. The combinations are endless.

Keeping a majority stone will keep your durability up. Wood does not last the same way that stone pavers will, so while this idea can bring variety and unique contrast, it will not have the lasting guarantee that regular pavers do.

5. Built-In Fire Pit

Stone pavers have more function than giving you a quality patio. There are many little details that you can build right into the stone.

A fire pit is a great traditional piece of the backyard idea. You can build a quality firepit right into solid stone. The durability and safeness of a stone firepit can keep the backyard fun lasting for years.

Quality Pavers for Unique Ideas

With these great paver patio ideas, the perfect patio may be closer than you think! Pavers are easy to work with and last a lifetime, so you are sure to get your investment worth.

Still uncertain about what paver patio idea to go with? We can help! Contact us today for a more in-depth guide to your next paver project.

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