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Did you know that the national average cost to install new pavement is $3,997?

Installing new pavement is a pricey expenditure, which is why you must hire a professional paving company to service your pavement needs. A lot of paving companies claim that they’re professionals, so, how do you go about finding the best paving company for your project?

We created a guide with five things to look for when hiring paving companies to help you narrow down your choices. Keep reading to learn more!

Check for Insurance Coverage

In the same way the auto insurance works, contractors have to buy insurance based on your state law. If there’s an accident that happens on your property, the insurance that the contractor has will cover any damage or injuries.

When hiring a paving company, you should make sure that they have general liability, Worker’s Compensation, and an Umbrella policy.

Locate References

You shouldn’t hire a paving contractor if you don’t have any references from previous customers to look at. You can ask your paving contractor for the contact information of the current customers and any of their previous customers.

You can ask these customers how they feel about the quality of the contractor’s work, how well they’ve stuck to the budget and the timeline that they set for their projects and the quality of their customer service.

Asking around town to find out who your colleagues, neighbors, and a family members trust for pavingbprojects Can help you discover new possibilities if your current paving contractor doesn’t have good references.

Check Their Licensing

Before a paving contractor started a project with you, you should be asked to see the license for the company. If the paving contractor’s license isn’t up today, has red flags, or looks generally suspicious, you should avoid hiding this contractor.

If the contractor scoffs when you ask for their insurance, they aren’t worth the money that you’re getting ready to invest into their services. By verifying that your contractor has a valid license, it means that if there’s anything that goes wrong during your paving project, the contractor will be the one responsible for the damage.

Sufficient Crew Size

Does the contractor that you’re getting ready to hire have a large enough crew size? Depending on the size of the job that you’re hiring them for, the average paving company has a crew of 5 to 8 employees.

If the contractor is understaffed, it can delay the project, and can’t even have an impact on the quality of the paving.

Get a Pricing Quote

An established paving contractor should be able to provide you with a quote of what your project is going to cost. After they considered the types of materials that they’d need to complete the project, as well as the timeline that the project will need to be completed in, a written quote should be provided to you.

Hiring the Best Paving Company for Your Project

When looking through paving companies to find the best contractor for your unique project, you must use these five tips to find an established contractor.

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