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Imagine preparing a lavish meal out in the peacefulness of nature. Your children are playing as you cook. When the food is done, you sit around your outside dining area and enjoy the food as a family.

That’s a pretty picture, isn’t it? We think so as well as a lot of home buyers. Not only are outdoor kitchens aesthetically pleasing but it can boost your home value when you’re ready to sell.

The problem is that the boost in value is only as big as the money that you pour into the outside kitchen. Keep reading to find out what you’ve got to do to maximize your investment.

1. Can You Afford it?

Again, the return investment you get out of your kitchen is only as big as the money that you pour into it. Your outdoor kitchen can’t really be called that unless you have storage, a refrigerator, sink, counter space, and some kind of means of cooking.

This means is that you’re going to need to get someone to install plumbing and electricity so the kitchen will be able to function as a kitchen. That can cost quite a bit of extra money.

Also, a well put together kitchen will help your home sell faster. If the stonework is done half hazard or it looks like you did a quick and cheap DIY then buyers will be able to tell and that will actually drive the value down.

2. Materials that Effect the Home Value

We got a little bit into the things that all outdoor kitchens need but let’s break it down in a little more detail. You’ll need all the appliances that we mentioned. You may want to throw in smaller ones such as a blender.

As far as building materials go, your kitchen is going to be exposed to the sun, extreme temperatures, and moisture all year round. This being said, you’re going to want to go with something that’s weatherproof or your kitchen may not last to the next buyer.

Stainless steel and sturdy tiles are going to be your best option. They won’t come cheap but they will hold up better than cheaper materials like plastic.

3. What Can You do to Up Your Investment?

Other than appliances and building materials, there are other little items and design extras that you should keep in mind to increase your investment. Here is a quick list of these things.

Compliment the Exterior

When you’re designing your outdoor kitchen you need it to match the outside of your home. For example, if you have a contemporary house then going rustic with the kitchen isn’t the way to go.

You want the kitchen to be an extension of the home so you should use materials that are at least a little bit similar to the ones that your house is made out of.

Bring the Indoors Out

Not only do you need to create some cohesion between the exterior of your home and the outdoor kitchen but you want to bring a little bit of the indoors into it as well. Doing this will tell buyers that the kitchen is a part of the home.

You can do this by binging some of your indoor decorations outside. Use the same throw pillows for example. You can also use some of the same fabrics and materials that you’re using inside of your home for the kitchen as well.

Flooring, Ceilings, and Walls

You can’t install your kitchen on a concrete slab and call it a day. Well, you can but that won’t make it attractive to potential home buyers. You need some type of covering or weather will put wear on the kitchen over time.

Besides, you’ll be able to get more use out of it if you can still use it when it’s raining. If you blow your entire budget on the rest of the kitchen, a cheap awning will do the trick.

The kitchen is outside so you don’t need walls per se but it might be nice to put some sort of screen over it. Doing this will keep the bugs out and create some protection from the sun.

Consider Luxury Features

Having an outdoor kitchen in itself can be considered a luxury to some home buyers but there are a few little extras that you can add in to sweeten the deal.

If it’s in your budget, consider throwing in a pizza oven, sound system, garbage disposal, or even a trash compactor. The kitchen will still be functional without these things but they’re a nice touch.

Buy the Best Grill You Can Find

This is a full kitchen so you and potential buyers will be cooking a lot of meals outside. Nothing can beat the feeling of having an outdoor family BBQ though. That’s why you should spring for the best grill that you can.

Gas and charcoal grills are popular choices that you and any potential buyer will be impressed by.

Storage and Organization

Again your kitchen needs to have some sort of storage. Having some means of organization will make the kitchen feel roomier. Potential home buyers will have more space to walk around and cook.

You should consider getting an outdoor bar cart. It gives creates a place to store beverages and other kitchen necessities. It provides an extra food prep area too.

Is Having an Outdoor Kitchen Worth the Investment?

Are you considering building an outdoor kitchen onto your home? Not only are they aesthetically pleasing and provide fun for the entire family but they can also up the value of your house.

Outdoor kitchens don’t come cheap, however. You’ll need to spring for plumbing, electricity and top-notch appliances to attract potential buyers in the future. If you can do this, the return investment will be more than worth it.

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