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Tired of your average poolside in Sarasota? Does the area around your pool need a facelift?

Whether you are looking to spice up your pool deck or building one from scratch, check out these trendy pool paving ideas for the ultimate pool experience in Sarasota.

What Is a Pool Deck?

A pool deck is the hardscaping area around your pool. It provides a safe area for people to enter and exit a pool without slipping. It also offers drainage and a smooth transition from one area to another.

Best of all, a pool deck is a direct reflection of your aesthetic and offers a welcoming area for your guests.

Dreaming Up Your Pool Paving Ideas

Regardless of how you decide to create or update your deck, you’ll need to decide what your needs are.

  • What is the size and shape of the area you have? What is your budget?
  • Can you afford yearly maintenance?
  • Do you have a seating area?
  • What are your climate temperatures like?
  • What is your personal aesthetic?

The answers to these questions will help guide what materials you should use and how you may design your new deck.

1. Pavers

Pool deck pavers have grown in popularity in the last decade. They create a welcoming environment with an elegant feel.

A major benefit to pavers is their flexibility. They are set in a sand base. This means as the weather changes, they contract and expand to shift without damage. They’re made to last for years.

Most pavers resist water penetration. They are dense and have joints between each stone. This is important because it’s common for water to splashes around pools.

They are an affordable slip-resistant material. Buying pavers for your pool deck will make both your wallet and your guests happy.

You can also find a wide variety of pavers in several designs, patterns, and colors. This makes it pretty easy to customize the perfect look to go with your aesthetic.

2. Wood

Want a natural, outdoorsy look to your pool deck? Consider building one made of wood. You can choose between any number of woods to match your budget. Then, customize that wood with the stain of your choice.

Speaking of customization, you can create almost any design to build of wood. It’s easy to cut and construct to whatever you can dream up.  If you do choose to build a deck out of wood, make sure you keep up with seasonal maintenance.

3. Stone

Here is another option to build a natural-looking pool deck. The stone’s natural texture makes it slip-resistant and a great choice for pool areas.

Depending on your budget, you can find a variety of stones to use. Some options are: quartzite, sandstone, limestone, granite, porphyry. All of these are flat stones you can use to pave any surface.

Stone is a great way to customize your outdoor environment. They are similar to pavers in that you can find them in an assortment of shapes and sizes.

Want a squared-off look? Try square or rectangle cut stones, a trend often used by luxury hotels.

Want something more modern feeling? Use some triangle stones to create a new, geometric design. You could also piece together several irregular pieces to build the most natural look.

4. Unglazed Tile

Perhaps you’d like a seamless transition from your indoor to outdoor space. In this case, tile is a great option. This is especially true if you use the same type or color of tile as what is in your home.

If you choose to use tiles to build a pool deck, please be careful. You’ll want to make sure you choose something without a glaze. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a smooth, dangerous surface when it’s wet.

Two materials you might want to consider are unglazed terracotta and waterproof porcelain. Both of these are tiles that can withstand the cold, freezing temperatures.

5. Artificial Turf

Maybe you love the look of a freshly manicured lawn. If that’s the case, artificial turf may be the right choice for your deck.

Artificial turf gives you a beautiful park-like look. There is no watering or mowing involved, so you’ll always have that look and don’t have to worry about it browning or becoming muddy.

6. Synthetic Decking

Do you like the look of wood, but want less maintenance? You might like to try a synthetic or composite decking material. It’s a popular alternative because it doesn’t have the same weathering issues wood has.

Wood composite can last several years longer than real wood. It’s resistant to harsh weather and insects that can destroy wood.

Synthetics still have the same benefits as wood, too. You can cut and construct almost any design you can think of. Just be careful and choose one that is also mildew resistant.

7. Mixed Materials

Can’t decide on one particular material? Mix them up! Try adding mosaic medallions into paved concrete.

You could lay downriver rocks and pebbles in an awkward area between the tile. Maybe you can even add a border of pavers around an artificial turf seating area.

The possibilities are really endless and you can get the best of all the materials you enjoy.

Your New Pool Deck

Now that you have some new pool paving ideas, it’s time to get started. Make a list of the materials you’d like. With some photo inspiration, you’ll be on your way to a beautiful, functional landscape in Sarasota.

Your friends and family will thank you when they visit. It’ll be like you’re providing them with a small vacation right in your Sarasota backyard.

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